Kits Free Store?

There’s a free store on Point Grey Road. How about one near Kits House?

 Little Free Store

As the name suggests, a free trading platform for you to leave a gift, then take a gift! Items such as clothing articles, and other small items are available for you.

Location | South side of Point Grey Rd. between Bayswater & Balaclava



Recent Developments 6 – Community Building on Point Grey Road

But has Ken Ohrn noted in previous posts, there is a charming little construction that says something nicer about this neighbourhood.  If you’re not careful, you might cycle by it without noticing:

It’s the ‘bricks and mortar’ version of an online ‘gifting, sharing and trading’ platform –

Leave a gift, take a gift – just nothing broken, dangerous or illegal.
The book titles alone tell you that you’re in Kitsilano:

So do the sticky-post sentiments:


Earth-Spirit Series Week 5 – Happy Summer Solstice!

As we reached the longest day of the year, we finished our series of workshops with a Summer Solstice celebration, also known as Litha. We opened up our regular group to include friends and family, extending our celebration into the wider community.

A joyful evening was spent with circle dancing, circle casting, magical herb pouch making and feasting! With gratitude to Mother Nature for her generous gifts.

Summer Solstice Celebrants!
Feasting, Abundance and Gratitude
Calling the directions with some special little helpers
Magical herb workshop
Charging the magical herb pouches with our intentions
Circle dancing
Special thanks to Catherine for bringing the rhythm!

Blessing the ‘cakes and ale’ or pie and water!

Many thanks from Mary & Jodie for everyone that made this series of workshops so enjoyable. Hope to see you all again soon for more seasonal celebrations and deepening our connection with the rhythms of nature xxx

Earth-Spirit Series Week 4

This week we made magical wands to focus and extend our energy into the world! Last week we were instructed to find a branch that felt right to us, roughly the length between our elbows and our index fingers. There was a beautiful range of branches including those from willow and apple prunings, amongst those found in local parks and gardens.

After our usual check in and snacks table, we experienced an earth-based grounding meditation. Fully in the zone, we were supplied with an amazing array of materials to decorate our wands with including shells, leather crystals, gem stones and wire. The photos really don’t do this group justice as there are some fabulously creative types present and the wands were beautiful.

Enchanted Wands
Group Circle Check-in
Wand Making Supplies

Now it’s time to celebrate! Summer Solstice party next week including herb workshop, Sun tea and circle dancing!

Earth-Spirit Series Week 3

This week we learnt a little about the phases of the moon and how she travels through the signs of the zodiac. During our workshop, the moon was almost at waxing crescent in the sign of Leo, filling the room with a creative warmth.

New Moon in Leo

We split into groups and decided on an intention we’d like to manifest. We selected fabric, objects, herbs, images and symbols that would ‘draw down’ the gifts of that zodiac sign or planet and create the energy of what we’d like to bring into our lives.

The Love of Venus & Taurus
The Positivity of Sagittarius
The Fire of Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

The snacks and swap table were also overflowing with goodies!

Thanks again ladies and see you next week for magical wand making xxx

Earth-Spirit Series Week 2

This week we learnt how to call the four directions and honour the divine masculine and feminine in our altars. We split into two groups, casting circles to create sacred space, and calling forth the four elements of earth, air, fire and water as well as the god and goddess.

The groups created a magical energy and beautiful altars.

Group One
Group Two

As the group sits in a circle and holds a discussion, we face a stunning centrepiece created by Mary, with flowers and herbs that she generously offers the group to take home at the end. For the past two weeks we’ve also been treated with Mary’s artwork in the altar – so lucky to have an Artist and a keen Gardener as an organizer! Inspired by the zero-waste movement we also created a ‘swap table’ – I picked up two beautiful pairs of earrings to take home! Yay!

For week 3 we’ll be learning a little about astrology – how we can use the moon’s phases and energies of the zodiac to help our intentions come to life.

See you soon, with love from the god and the goddess…

Earth-Spirit Series Week 1

A beautiful evening shared with a group of beautiful women. We’re so happy to have connected with an amazing group of likeminded souls – thanks for joining us and we were really blown away by the creativity of each group! It was great to see how naturally everyone connected with the sabbats, leading us to think that a deep connection with the seasons is innate to our human nature.


Some photos from Week 1’s workshop: developing a natural altar to honour the cross-quarter sabbats.









Next week we’ll be building on this to learn about the masculine and feminine as well as the 4 directions and the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Looking forward to it! See you there xx



The Kits have had parties in Kits and in Kerrisdale!

Just got another kit back from a huge (100-200 people!) block party in Kerrisdale. Well done! and the organizer has added stuff to it including a bag of rags for cleanup of art projects. Good call!

I have two here at home now so if you’d like to borrow one, just drop me a note or make a note on facebook Mary Peterson Bennett.

Click the “Block Parties” category if you want to see photos of the kits and a list of contents. We have 6 in total and like it if you hold on to it for a while.   (I can usually arrange to meet you at Kits House at the community potluck -3rd Wednesday- the market (Thursdays) or art drop-in on Tuesday nights – but check with me first, ok?


Block Party Kit #1 now includes tie-dye bunting

Tie-dye bunting at Marina Co-op Block Party


DSC01866The kits include (at least)

3 plastic reusable table cloths – one meant for crafts – we encourage you to have your guests sign and return.

4 table cloth weights

bubbles and bubble wand (and sample or instructions for making “snake bubble wands” from plastic water bottles and socks!)

2 fly swatters

first aid kit

name tag making kit with recycBlockParty2600Trafalgarled materials from Urban Source

insulated bag to keep things hot or cold

pin wheel to mark your spot

skipping rMarinaCoopBlockParty2015TieDyeBuntingopes

folder with ideas for greening your block party artistically; Kitsilano Trivia game, people bingo game

sidewalk chalk

Block party at 2600 Block West 7th (Trafalgar to Stephens).

BlockParty2600Trafalgar (1) BlockParty2600Trafalgar (2) DSC01859So we have our 6 block party kits and they’re roaming around the west side having lots of fun at parties.

The new version cart uses these carts – 4 are like this; 2 are the other version. These hold a lot and are more flexible as things can extend.

As time goes on we also add things. Kit #1 now has tie-dyed bunting/flags and also green bunting/flags that say “block party” as well as fabric, rope and clothes pegs to make your own.

Good times to borrow or return a cart are the 3rd Wednesday Potluck at Kits House or the 3rd or 4th Tuesday.  Most people then just keeps the cart till it’s booked but if you don’t have space you can return it.

Joanne and I are having fun sending our kits off to parties. It’s as if we’re going ourselves and appreciate your sending photos.

Not all block party kits are created equal

As we develop the 6 kits, some get additional stuff.

#1 Kit now resident at my place includes

tie-dyed bunting

a container with adapted water bottles for making “snake bubbles”

and additional table cloths beyond the basic 3.

When you borrow, if you feel inclined to add

bubble containers (empty is fine!)

plastic re-usable items that you won’t be using (some people buy extra plastic stuff and don’t use it all).

We don’t *need* it – so please don’t give us stuff that you yourself would re-use: just if it’s otherwise going in the landfill!

We appreciate photos and email to

Let us know which items you most appreciated and if there’s more of anything you’d like, we still have a bit of the budget left!!

Beyond Balloons – Make Your Own Bunting–We give you the rope and clips

Joanne and I have been talking about a lot of different options of providing bunting (little flags) for our block party kits. The time to make ’em, how to store ’em, etc. has been a tad exciting but overwhelming. Problems like: how long do they need to be; what to provide so people actually put them back in the kit to be used again, what if they get wet, etc. etc. etc.

We loved the idea of tie-dye bunting but don’t have the time to tie-dye, sew etc and then there are the other problems see above that remain unanswered anyways.

ColourfulclipsSo I saw these great colourful clips at a dollar store and now thinking we’ll provide clips and rope and suggestions on DIY bunting ideas that can be done right at the party. Could be tie-dye. Could be paintings on fabric or paper. Could be ripping strands of sparkly fabric. Could be magnolia leaves. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

btw Balloons are bad. Especially helium balloons. I know they’re lovely but there are other options.

If you truly must use balloons, you might want to read this article that is pro-balloons but provides some interesting comparison information.

But… here’s an article that refutes the idea that latex balloons are biodegradable (from way back in 1990)