Come and Get Inspired to Build Community: From Free Herbs, to Bee Houses to Little Free Libraries

Come and pick the herbs. Herb digging "by appointment"

Come and pick the herbs. Herb digging “by appointment”

Did you know that several hundred Kitsilano residents have received Neighbourhood Small Grants for over 150 projects in the past three years? Some projects are one-time events (block party; permaculture blitz) or for a certain group (e.g. Residents on a particular block). Other grants support a project that will be ongoing for community connections.

Several Kits residents who have received Neighbourhood Small Grants will be at the Kits Eco-Arts booth during Khatsahlano. The goal is to connect Art + Community + Environment.

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RoundAbout Kits @Khatsahlano Sat.July 13

Hope to see you for our third RoundAbout Kits workshop during the  Khatsahlano Festival (July 13). We’ll have a booth at the corner of Trafalgar and 4th Avenue, teaming up with a few other Neighbourhood Small Grant recipients.

Then we’ll have a windup walk and party on Sunday August 25. Register here.

The walk seems to be taking shape already as we’ve  had workshop representatives from:

2nd and Trafalgar – Judy and Kim are doing a fix-up and putting in a Little Free Library

6th and Trafalgar – Mary-Go-RoundAbout Garden – Free herbs; most bee-and-butterfly friendly traffic circle 2012

8th and Trafalgar – Verdella with an assist from Neo

Broadway Blossoms  – Broadway and Blehheim – Kinga

10th and Yew – bulges – Verdella

14th and Yew – corner bulge – Gabriel

14th and Vine – Gabriel’s Love Circle

11th and Maple – Vancouver Resources Society

10th and Arbutus – Vancouver Resources Society

During Khatsahlano, we’ll make a neighbourhood map with special gardens marked on it. If you have a garden that’s friendly towards bees, butterflies and community – come and put it on the map!

Insect Hotels

I first heard this term, “insect hotel” from Maria at City Farmer on one of my Bee Walks – and now I find this great resource with lots of examples of insect hotels.

Thank you, Inspiration Green!

B Movies

make that bee movies!

Saving the Life Keepers 62 minutes!__page-2

Queen of the Sun

I know there are more, but I particularly like these two.


Dunbar Neighbours

I just read the calendar for Salmonberry Days in Dunbar. Wow! I’d heard abot this, but I hadn’t realized it was a month-long event. Hope to take some things in – especially birds and bees events.


CBC Visit

Oh, how exciting. CBC TV Reporter, Bob Nixon, visited my RoundAbout garden at 6th & Trafalgar today and it was included along with Broadway and Balsam gardener Elayne Armstrong in the evening news along with a profile of the (fabulous) Green Streets program.

Turns out Bob is a beekeeper. So we got along just fine!

Oh, and I got to wear my Corvus Fittings bamboo sunglasses throughout (designed and distributed by my son).
Click here for the CBC TV clip.

Chloe Bennett’s Bee House

This mason bee house cost $700 to build –

Update: the bee house is now at City Farmer, Maple and 10th.Way at the back. Say “hi” to Maria for me.

Bee Blog – Bees looking forward to sunny weather

Mason Bee Hotel at 6th & Yew in Kitsilano. This house available for sale. Contact Closing date: April 30, 2013.



Read in Metro Vancouver by Kyle Farquarson that the bees are wanting the sunshine, but bumblebees are not so badly off because they shiver.

Elizabeth Elle from SFU is quoted. You can see videos of Elizabeth here.

Made by Hand – Beekeeping Film

This is a lovely site. Here’s a film you might like to view if you’re interested in bee-keeping.