Bird on the Beach


Working with recycled plastic that could otherwise be in the ocean, we’re creating birds in honour of the Northern Fulmar, a sea-bird that has the unfortunate honour of being proposed as an indicator species for the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

recycledbirdsThis bird is found around the northern areas of the world, including Canada and the North Sea. It has been studied by scientists in the Pacific North-west as well as the North Sea.

A study in 2012 found a dramatic increase in the amount of plastic found in sea-birds washed ashore from Alaska through to Oregon.

Our community-engaged art project,will be based at the Vancouver Maritime Museum during the month of September. Each Thursday evening will include a talk about this issue to raise awareness and art-making activities to create bird sculptures.

On Sunday, September 29, we will participate in Worldwide Bird Art Installation Day by inviting the public to complete a large Northern Fulmar for installation at Heritage Harbour.

Click here for the Facebook Group.

More information about World Wide Bird Art Installation Day is available at under “other projects”.

Thank you to the UBC Student Environment Centre who will collect coffee lids and host the bird at UBC following its time at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

You can register for one event, or the series of 4 workshops. Details and RSVP here.

Click image above to go to our Bird on the Beach Blog.

View a slide show of birds created to date.


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