Block Party Kit #1 now includes tie-dye bunting

Tie-dye bunting at Marina Co-op Block Party


DSC01866The kits include (at least)

3 plastic reusable table cloths – one meant for crafts – we encourage you to have your guests sign and return.

4 table cloth weights

bubbles and bubble wand (and sample or instructions for making “snake bubble wands” from plastic water bottles and socks!)

2 fly swatters

first aid kit

name tag making kit with recycBlockParty2600Trafalgarled materials from Urban Source

insulated bag to keep things hot or cold

pin wheel to mark your spot

skipping rMarinaCoopBlockParty2015TieDyeBuntingopes

folder with ideas for greening your block party artistically; Kitsilano Trivia game, people bingo game

sidewalk chalk

Block party at 2600 Block West 7th (Trafalgar to Stephens).

BlockParty2600Trafalgar (1) BlockParty2600Trafalgar (2) DSC01859So we have our 6 block party kits and they’re roaming around the west side having lots of fun at parties.

The new version cart uses these carts – 4 are like this; 2 are the other version. These hold a lot and are more flexible as things can extend.

As time goes on we also add things. Kit #1 now has tie-dyed bunting/flags and also green bunting/flags that say “block party” as well as fabric, rope and clothes pegs to make your own.

Good times to borrow or return a cart are the 3rd Wednesday Potluck at Kits House or the 3rd or 4th Tuesday.  Most people then just keeps the cart till it’s booked but if you don’t have space you can return it.

Joanne and I are having fun sending our kits off to parties. It’s as if we’re going ourselves and appreciate your sending photos.


About Mary Bennett
I'm a visual artist, consultant, change agent, grandma and housing coop member living in Vancouver, BC

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