Beyond Balloons – Make Your Own Bunting–We give you the rope and clips

Joanne and I have been talking about a lot of different options of providing bunting (little flags) for our block party kits. The time to make ’em, how to store ’em, etc. has been a tad exciting but overwhelming. Problems like: how long do they need to be; what to provide so people actually put them back in the kit to be used again, what if they get wet, etc. etc. etc.

We loved the idea of tie-dye bunting but don’t have the time to tie-dye, sew etc and then there are the other problems see above that remain unanswered anyways.

ColourfulclipsSo I saw these great colourful clips at a dollar store and now thinking we’ll provide clips and rope and suggestions on DIY bunting ideas that can be done right at the party. Could be tie-dye. Could be paintings on fabric or paper. Could be ripping strands of sparkly fabric. Could be magnolia leaves. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

btw Balloons are bad. Especially helium balloons. I know they’re lovely but there are other options.

If you truly must use balloons, you might want to read this article that is pro-balloons but provides some interesting comparison information.

But… here’s an article that refutes the idea that latex balloons are biodegradable (from way back in 1990)



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I'm a visual artist, consultant, change agent, grandma and housing coop member living in Vancouver, BC

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