Prototype Kits Block Party Kit is (almost) ready and looking for a party

We got foiled a bit – Urban Source was closed so we couldn’t buy the recycled cardboard and materials for the name tag kit. And we *really* want to provide bunting (little flags) and we still need to buy more table cloths, but the prototype is ready for a party.

We’ve wound up with 3 bags full of different things

setsetupbagup: 3 tablecloths, rope, Shooks, table cloth weights (and bunting we hope)

bubble bag – large bottle of bubbles, bubble wands, fly swattersbubblebag






sidewalk play bag – 3 skipping ropes; lots of sidewalk chalk

name tchalkskippingropeag kit – 2 pairs of scissors; 4 glue sticks; one bottle liquid glue, pencil crayons and pencil sharpener ; and of course glitter.






Trying how best to put the pinwheel and the giant bubble wand into the cart without crushing them, we realized the obvious – just put them on the outside.

Besides the final supplies mentioned, we plan to paint the carts… Stay tuned.

We now have tPartyReadyCartwo booked for June Car Free Days block parties – there will be 6 available by June 16-17, so we still have four available to be booked. Let us know at and then pick up from Kits House.

We’re also imagining a Kitsilano Trivia game and a list of tips to make your block party greener.

And maybe a simple first aid kit – just bandaids of various sizes.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks to Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grant program and Kits House for support for this project.


Donations! We’re looking for donations from green businesses/organizations such as:

1. reusable bags

2. lanyards with or without name tags

3. shiny fabric, braid/rickrack, or plain coloured cotton for bunting/flags

4. anything that would help to “green a block party–artistically” – i.e. reusable


About Mary Bennett
I'm a visual artist, consultant, change agent, grandma and housing coop member living in Vancouver, BC

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