Greening Your Block Party – Artistically

Some of the items you can expect in your block party rolling cart.

Some of the items you can expect in your block party rolling cart.

Joanne and I got a Neighbourhood Small Grant to put together kits you can borrow for your block party.The idea is to “green your block party – artistically.”  We’re assembling the kits which will be in a rolling cart and include: – washable table cloths – rope, bungee cords to hang up signs, banners, flags – name tag kits using recycled and reusable or recyclable materials (scissors, glue, etc. of course) – bubble maker; sidewalk chalk; whirly gig; hot/cold bag – lots more fun stuff. Recycled materials wanted! We’re looking for fabric (especially fun fabric – bright colours; sparkly) for making bunting and banners; name tags holders, lanyards, pin-on pins,  for the name-tag kit; and if you happen to have big clips or clamps; rope; heavy string; bubble kits (even if the bubble solution is done–we plan to make some); bungee cords etc. do contact or drop in on a Tuesday night at Kits House 2305 West 7th at Vine and leave with the host of the Art Drop-in

Thank you to the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grant Program and Kitsilano Neighbourhood House for support.

We’ll have the kits ready before Kitsilano Car-Free Days, and, yes, you can book yours now and pick up the week before by arrangement – either Tuesday or Wednesday night at Kits House preferably..


About Mary Bennett
I'm a visual artist, consultant, change agent, grandma and housing coop member living in Vancouver, BC

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