Put A Bird On It – Making Tree Decorations from Recycled Plastic

BirdonBeach2013-06 (18)Put a Bird on It

Making Upcycled Tree Decorations

Come and learn several techniques for creating birds (peace doves) for Christmas or Solstice trees from recycled plastic. We will create some simple birds using tin snips and sharpies. Mary will demonstrate and discuss techniques for using other tools such as a heat gun for fancy birds. She’ll show examples of other art made from recycled plastic to inspire your creativity. You’ll meet some neighbours, have some fun and learn some things about recycling and art-making.

 What’s the cost? This workshop is part of Vancouver Trade School where classes are offered for barter. Here are your options for payment:

  • a dozen cookies

  • art supplies you no longer use – paint, pencil crayons

  • photography at an event and posting on my blog

  • a bunch of kale (or other home-grown produce)

  • 2 hours help to tend my circle garden at Trafalgar and 6th

  • Make a google map for my Kitsilano Bee-Walks

  • Pickup and deliver supplies and equipment to the class.

Facilitator: Mary Bennett is an artist and community catalyst. She’s a long-time Kits resident and active in many arts and community groups and projects. She recently did a mixed-media series on birds’ nests. She coordinated Bird on the Beach, a project at the Vancouver Maritime Museum to create awareness of plastics pollution and the effect on seabirds. “PETE-the Polyethylene Bird” was launched on September 29 for Worldwide Bird Art Installation Day/National Culture Days. Mary’s interested in art, community and environment – and especially spaces and projects that connect all three. She’s made over a hundred plastic birds, ranging from 1″ to the 6′ PETE.

Website: http://www.marybennett.net

Location: MLA David Eby‘s Community Office, 2909 West Broadway, Vancouver

Date and Time: Thursday, December 5 6-8pm

Register: through Vancouver Trade School (after November 15).


About Mary Bennett
I'm a visual artist, consultant, change agent, grandma and housing coop member living in Vancouver, BC

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