Make a Familiar from a Familiar Coffee Bag

We’re making crows from coffee bags. If you plan to be a witch for Hallowe’en here’s a great way to create your personal familiar.


Cut ends off the 5-lb coffee bag (Ask your favorite coffee shop if they get their coffee in bags like these.)

Fold lengthwise, and cut along one edge.







Cut a triangle out of the

IMG_20131015_154626 centre and pull it out. This will be your crow’s head.



Pull out the triangle for the head, and fold along the middle.




Cut out wings and tail.

Clip along to make a fringe/feathers on both as you wish.



I tied a raffia bow on his tail.






I punched two holes in the top and threaded some fishing line through so I could hang him.

Then I punched hopes for eyes.


This is your basic bird.

Yours might have further enhancements.

The coffee bags are not recyclable because they are plastic and foil fused together. our experience is that coffee shops are eager to have them transformed into art. Lessens the guilt factor.


Stay tuned for spiders and bats. Maybe even black cats.


About Mary Bennett
I'm a visual artist, consultant, change agent, grandma and housing coop member living in Vancouver, BC

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